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USH Series
Short-Arc Mercury Lamps
for Microscope Systems
Midori ULB35
Fiber-Optic White
LED Light Source
Super compact, LED white light
source packed with features.
UXR Ceramic Xenon
Available Lamp Types: UXR-300BF/BFM, UXR-175BF & UXR-300ES.
Applications: Endoscopy, Surgical Headlights, Microscopy,
Borescopy, Spectroscopy, Machine Vision,
Visible / Infrared Searchlights, Solar
Simulation, and Projection
LED Bulbs for
Architectural Lighting
Close Out Specials on LED Bulbs!
Light Sources
USHIO is a trusted major brand that offers a complete and diverse lamp lineup for medical and scientific markets.
Aqualite Metal Halide
Starting from: $49
Lamps for Marine Aquariums
and Reef Systems.
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