NANO HUB Multi Voltage DC Input/Output Power HUB

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The NANO HUB is the ultimate multi-voltage DC input and output battery and camera accessory.  Use any D-Tap camera battery or other chargers to power cellphones, laptops, tablets, monitors, microphones, LED lights, DSLR Cameras, DV Cameras and more.  No other battery accessory lets you power more devices with different voltages simultaneously.

  • 14.8V/12V/7.4V/5.0V multi voltages all provided through the NANO HUB.
  • Fit for power supply for cellphones/laptop/Ipad/DSLR camera/DV camera/professional camera/LED lights.
  • Input power could be 14.8V battery/Professional D-tap charger/USB-C charger or adapter.
  • Use 14.8V battery or D-tap charger as input, 14.8V/12V/7.4V/USB-A /USB-C outputs working simultaneously
  • Use USB-C adapter as input, 14.8V/12V/7.4V/USB-A outputs working simultaneously.
  • 12VDC output fit for all 12V constant input equipment.
  • 7.4Vφ2.1 output fit for DV camera/DSLR camera/LED lights.
  • USB-C output built-in PD fast charge protocols, 60W max power, fit for Mac-Book charge demand.
  • USB-A support QC3.0 fast charge protocols, fit for cellphones and devices using USB-A power input.
  • D-tap output is battery voltage, fit for all 14.8V power in devices.
  • The adapter is designed with a 1/4 screw hole, by using a standard hot-shoe, it can be fixed in any position of the equipment support system.

Dimensions: 84(L)mm×63(W)mm×23(H)mm Weight: 210g

Working Temperature: -20℃~+70 ℃

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