FX-4S7S2A Auto Identifying 14.8V/26V Dual-Voltage Gold-mount Battery Charger

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Dual Voltage Gold-Mount battery charger will automatically detect and charge either 14.8V or 26V batteries.  Eliminate the need to carry two different battery chargers for your 14.8V and 26V camera batteries.  This universal charger accepts worldwide AC input. 

  • Power Draw: 160W(max.)
  • Input: 100~240VAC 47~63Hz
  • Output: 16.8V/4.0A*2 or 29.4V/2.0A*2
  • 2 channels simultaneous charging
  • Input: 100~240VAC 47~63Hz
  • Output: 16.8V/4.0A*1+16.8V/2.0A*1
  • 2 channels simultaneous charging
  • Dimensions/Weight:   194.5(L)*140(W)*94(H)mm/1200g

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