FOOT-LITE Kit Bi-Color (3000K-6000K) - 50W

FOOT-LITE Kit Bi-Color (3000K-6000K) - 50W

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The FOOT-LITE is a professional LED light fixture that fits in small or big studio facilities, but can also be used on location. The narrow design allows you to use almost anywhere, even where room height is limited. In big studio facilities, the FOOT-LITE can illuminate a virtual background softly and evenly.

Frames for the FOOT-LITE allow you to hang two or four units together to create an asymmetrical light source. Each FOOT-LITE features variable bi-color output (3000?K to 6000?K) with built-in electronics.

The housing is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and has integrated DMX In and Out. It also features a large manual dimmer and color temperature adjustment knob and has AC/ DC input. Includes: FOOT-LITE, Barn Doors, Built in Power and DMX

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