Fxlion FX-HP-7224 PLUS - High Power 15V, 28V, & 28V Lithium-Ion Mega Battery, 1232Wh

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Item code: 1004990
Condition: New
Multi-functional High Power Lithium-Ion Mega Battery, Capacity: 24 Ah, 1232Wh, Output 1: 28V/40A (3-Pin XLR), Output 2: 28V/40A (3-Pin XLR), Output 3: 15V/8A (4-Pin XLR). Max Current: 40A, Intelligent PCB for Battery Protection, USB Output: 5V/2A, OLED Display, dual 28V and 15V outputs can all work at the same time. For powering 100W /200W /400W + high power LED lights, film lights and 15V/28V gear. Includes PL-7115 Charger.
Charge Time = 10.5 hrs

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